Our Mission :

To be consummate professionals, who continually endeavour to provide quality service to our clients and strive to always meet them at the point of their legal needs.

Our Vision :

To be the preferred legal service provider.

True, we (lawyers) build no bridges. We raise no towers. We construct no engines. We paint no pictures – unless as amateurs for our own principal amusement. There is little of all that we do which the eye of man can see. But we smooth out difficulties; we relieve stress; we correct mistakes; we take up other men‘s burdens and by our efforts, we make possible the peaceful life of men in a peaceful state. – JOHN W. DAVIES

LEXX & SOPHY is located in Yaba area, which is the most central and most easily accessible part of the city of Lagos, the commercial nerve center and corporate headquarters of Nigeria.

We are also located in Ibadan and Abuja.

We are a full-service law firm, providing legal services not only to start-ups but also to established corporations, and we offer international standard professional services at reasonable and competitive rates.

We endeavour to ensure that we give the best possible estimate of fees at the start of a case so that our clients can budget for this upfront.

At LEXX & SOPHY , thoughtful, practical and concise recommendations are made regarding appropriate legal strategies and clients’ correspondence are addressed promptly.

This website depicts some information about us and highlights our main practice areas; however, if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.